Sunday, October 17, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Hello again, each time I think it’s the last letter for awhile and then we still hang around. Guess I’ll write as long as I can tho.

This sure is one hell of a day. It’s been raining all day long. Got up this morning and it was raining and it’s never stopped. Turned into an Amchitka drizzle now.

Close, Kelly, and I went to town last night. I bought some airmail stamps and envelopes. They’d only sell me eight envelopes with stamps on so I bought some stamps too. Kelly and Close bought “wikker” but I didn’t. Close ate at camp so Kelly and I went into the High Hat and had a steak supper. Then we all went to the show. Saw “Hi Diddle De” or something like that. It was fair. Think I’ll go tonight and see “Claudia”. After the show we went to the Vermont Tap room and waited a half an hour trying to get a drink. Finally we got disgusted and went down to Bernadine’s. Had one coke hi and a dish of spaghetti + meatballs. By that time it was eleven o’clock so we caught the bus for camp.

Washed out four more hankys this morning. Sure has been keeping me busy washing them.

Might send home these letters if I can. If you get a box of candy — don’t get excited because it will just be old letters. Gotta figure out some way of getting it mailed tho.

They sure have us guessing where we are going this time. I think you know tho, at least as much as we do. This time your guess is as good as ours. It’s probably just as well. All us GI’s talk too much anyway for our own good.

Think I’ll lay me down and try to sleep this afternoon. Kelly is sitting here and Lee is sleeping. Close just came barging in so now the fun will start.

How did the Danville trip pan out? You’re getting to be quite a worldwide traveler too, haven’t you kid? You coming to visit me next place too?

Guess this will be all for now so be good and I sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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