Friday, October 22, 1943

Dearest Gee.

As you’ve probably noticed we now have an APO number. Our new address will be:

Name, Ser. No.
Service Co, Service Bn. First Special Service Force
APO# 4994
C/O Postmaster, New York, New York

About all I can say right now is that I’m fine.

I got your Sunday letter before we left. So Harry has done it again! He’s going to fool around once too often and get himself yanked into the army. Or is that the reason he changed jobs again? How did he ever come out with his invention? Nobody ever mentions that anymore.

So now I suppose you don’t care how cold it gets since you got out the fur coat. What did you do, parade up one side of the street and down the other?

When I read about you buying the purse — or gonna buy it — which (?), I had to laugh. I told Close and read it to him how you had it all figured out why you needed it and all about it. I don’t mind you buying things you want but sure would like to see you save some too. We’re gonna need it, as well you know.

Guess you can spread the news around as to the new address. I won’t have time to do a whole lot of writing but will write you and the folks whenever I get a chance.

Sure love you and miss you .

So long now.


Gee “parading” in her new fur coat.

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