Saturday, November 20, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Received three letters from you yesterday and one from Mom. Yours were two air mails of Oct 27, Nov 8 and a v-mail of Nov 12. Sure was glad to get them as they all had a lot of news in them. Mom’s letter was of Nov 2. I can’t send you any papers for the simple reason that they have the name of the country on it where we are — so that’s out. We don’t each get one anyway. They only have a few to pass out and they make the rounds. So you purchased another pair of shoes! I expect I’ll have to build an addition on to the closet when I get home for shoes. And $10.50 too. They must be trimmed with aluminum. Sure am sorry to hear that about Min and Bill. I thought everything was coming along so well. I don’t suppose she gives a damn about anything now. So you are sending box after box after box now, huh. Well sir, they’ll sure be appreciated. I haven’t received any yet tho. They generally take quite a bit longer to get. They rush the mail along but I don’t think they hurry the packages any. So Claudie has gone to Palestine now to work. Suppose it will be one round of shows after another. That ought to suit you right down to the ground. Kid, I’m feeling the same way you felt when you lost your diamond. I’ve lost my lighter someplace and I’d rather have lost my right arm. I went through everything this morning and asked all around but no one knows anything about it. I had my initials scratched in it so if I somebody with it [redacted]. Boy, I sure hate it, as matches are hard to get. I mislaid my tin mirror too, but that was only a dime. Can’t get anymore tho. Always something. I’m getting like Joannie, kid. I enjoyed the joke, kid, but Errol Flynn got only what I’d like to be getting only not that way. Haven’t heard from Erv or Chick yet except that one letter from Chick. Can’t understand why Erv don’t write. He must have my letters by now. We can’t go anyplace yet either even if there was someplace to go. Hope you are all still okay. Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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