Tuesday, December 28, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Guess it’s high time I was answering a few of those letters I’ve been getting. The day before Christmas I received about twenty letters and cards. I even got a card from Mr. & Mrs. Ozier with a note in it. I think I have some boxes but they haven’t got to me yet. Our Christmas was kinda dreary but I know they were all trying to give us a good one at least. My stomach wasn’t full of turkey, but it was full, so I was thankful for that. I’m still in good health and making it fine. Is it true about there being an announcement about our Force over the radio? If it is, did you hear it? Sure thought about you Christmas and wondered what you were all doing. How did you fare this time. Wish I could have been there to get you something but I’ll get you two next Christmas. They’re still planning on another Christmas, aren’t they? If we can just get ahold of something we’ll have a beautiful New Years, I’ll bet on that. I’m sweating out another letter from Erv. Sure do miss you, kid. Will write more later. Be good and I sure love you.

So long now.


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