Thursday, November 11, 1943

Dearest Gee. Well, honey, it’s about time to celebrate the ending of the last war, isn’t it? Sure wish it was this one. The way things sound it really hadn’t ought to be so long. The rumors over here sound better than they did in the States. Would sure like to hear from Chick andContinue reading “Thursday, November 11, 1943”

Saturday, November 6, 1943

Dearest Gee. I wrote you two regular letters because I didn’t have any V-mail but Lee just let me have this sheet. It should be much faster than regular mail. I’m feeling fine and getting along okay. At present we are just somewhere in [redacted]. That’s all I can say on that score. I likeContinue reading “Saturday, November 6, 1943”

Friday, November 5, 1943

[Location redacted] Dearest Gee. Have a few minutes to spare now so will drop you a line to let you know I arrived safe and sound. We had a swell trip but I’m glad that part is over. The climate is really nice. Things look so queer to me here. If I only had myContinue reading “Friday, November 5, 1943”

Tuesday, November 2, 1943

Dear Geneva, Just a few words here to let you know I’m feeling fine and quite safe. Have been having a good time and getting plenty of rest. How are you and all the folks? Am anxious to start getting some mail but I suppose you are too. Seems like years already since I’ve heardContinue reading “Tuesday, November 2, 1943”