Wednesday, January 26, 1944

Dearest Gee. Guess I got time to scribble off a few lines to you. Should write one to Erv and to Chick. I got a letter from Erv today and one from Chick yesterday. Chick said he was okay and was looking forward to seeing me. Things aren’t that simple tho, I’m afraid. I sentContinue reading “Wednesday, January 26, 1944”

Tuesday, January 25, 1944

Dearest Gee. Don’t have much to write about tonight so I’ll make this one a v-mail. I have your package ready to send and will be sending it probably tomorrow. All I’m putting in is the bed spread, one cameo, and some little trinkets for you and Bernadine. The medals are for Billy, L. Harry,Continue reading “Tuesday, January 25, 1944”

Monday, January 24, 1944

(or possibly the first of two letters on Tuesday, January 25, 1944) Dearest Gee. Say will you quit bawling me out on account of the letter proposition? You know I write to you first everytime, in fact, you get a letter whether anyone else does or not, but after I mail them from then onContinue reading “Monday, January 24, 1944”

Sunday, January 23, 1944

Dearest Gee. Well, kid, I went to town this afternoon. Tried to find a bed spread for you but I only found one place and he wanted twenty-two bucks for one you could get in the States for five. I thought I’d look around for another place open (it being Sunday) so I decided toContinue reading “Sunday, January 23, 1944”

Saturday, January 22, 1944

Dearest Gee. Well, kid, I had another pay day. Didn’t come any too soon either. In case you want to mark it down it was 29.60 lira. Better known as twenty-nine dollars and sixty cents. The first five went to a cameo for you. It isn’t in a setting but I suppose — rather I’mContinue reading “Saturday, January 22, 1944”

January 18, 1944 (second letter)

Dearest Gee. Well, here is the continuation of that v-mail I wrote you. Sometimes a guy just can’t get enough on one of those to tell you everything you want to. I got your four packages of precious Chesterfields too. Also received a swell card from Claude and Mildred, one from Jenny + Joe [Chick],Continue reading “January 18, 1944 (second letter)”

Thursday, January 13, 1944

Dearest Gee. I’m losing track of the dates, kid. I thought yesterday was the thirteenth and now somebody tells me differently. Oh well, I’ve got nothing but time anyway. Got three more letters last night. One from you dated Nov. 30 with the newspaper page in it, thanks; one from Rudy and Carrie — aContinue reading “Thursday, January 13, 1944”

Wednesday, January 12, 1944

Dearest Gee. Sho’ did hit the jackpot this time. Got eight letters this morning. Three from you, three from Mom (Dec. 11, 20, 25), one from Sis, Dec. 25, and one from Chick of Dec. 9. Yours were two v-mails of 22, 24 Dec. and an airmail of Dec. 16. My morale went up fiftyContinue reading “Wednesday, January 12, 1944”